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Questions about Sex, God and Snowboarding

Sometimes I think odd thoughts.  Today I was thinking about how my son loves snowboarding.  It is the same passion and desire I had as a figure skater. Remembering that love … the way my body/soul was at home on ice … made my heart smile for both of us.  Then (here’s the odd part),… Read more »

Embracing Our Sexuality

I was recently interviewed by Jennifer Bostrom for the blog – a blog for Campus Housing at Seattle Pacific University. The interview centered around how to cultivate a healthy sexuality integrating sexual beliefs/expression with a Christian faith. Here is the interview: Embracing our Sexuality: A Conversation with Dr. Tina Sellers It is CHA’s pleasure… Read more »

The Holy Erotic

  I am sitting on the deck at my temporary Santa Barbara writer’s retreat. The sun dances on my eyelids and fills my soul with warm light. I wish I could magically beam all my moss encrusted northwest friends to be in this moment. There is something delicious, luscious even, in warmth on bare skin… Read more »

How the Teachings of Sexual Purity Leads to Violence

“Tina, I don’t know what to do. I’m supposed to be in the honeymoon phase of my marriage … and we are both sexually miserable.” Tears began to flow down her cheeks. Before me was a beautiful 27 year old woman who’d been married less than 6 months. She and her now husband dated four… Read more »

Women, Mom’s and Oxygen Masks

Sitting on the plane waiting to push off for a 9 hour flight, I watch the automated “safety instructions” on the video screen. Today the language is German and the figure demonstrating what to do is a handsome avatar. As the oxygen mask drops from the ceiling I watch the avatar put the masks securely… Read more »