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Are You “At Home” in Your Body? An interview …

Several months ago, I was interviewed by Jonalyn Fincher at Soulation on the impact of religious sexual shame on our ability to be ‘at home’ in our bodies and with our sexuality and sexual longing.  I love conversations with Jonalyn. They are always fun and provocative.  We both have a passionate belief that God created us… Read more »

Do You Tell Your Kids the Truth? (about sex)

I grew up in a household where both my parents did anger in big and expressive ways.  As luck would have it, I was an introverted, happy-go-lucky, but sensitive kid.  This combo meant I learned very quickly to watch and read the emotional climate of my parents – and if the boilers were high, stay… Read more »

To All the Waiting, Struggling, Ashamed Virgins …

I have had the privilege over the last two weeks to read the dissertation of a brilliant woman who has been studying how adult conservative Christians in Northern Ireland manage their sexuality and intimate relationships prior to marriage. I will leave later next week to go over and be the external examiner as she defends… Read more »

The Power of Love and the Silent Assault in the Christian Church

“There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you.” Maya Angelou I just came off of 5 days of pure bliss with our four kids – all in their 20’s – all with their Sweetheart’s and our grand-puppies … all up at a mountain cabin in the snow. Here is a list of some… Read more »

TODAY’S PORN … What ALL Adults, Teens and Parents NEED to Understand About High-Speed Internet Porn

Recently I have met more and more people whose lives have been captured by internet porn.  They describe themselves compulsively preoccupied, seeped in cycles of shame and secrecy, and for many men, dealing with an inability to perform with their partner(s). I have also met many physicians who describe an alarming rise in reports of erectile dysfunction (ED)… Read more »

The Naked Truth about the Christian Purity Movement

The “Christian” Purity Movement is a focus on virginity prior to marriage.  It is a focus on “purity” and a focus on not doing sexual behaviors and not having sexual thoughts prior to marriage.  It promises if you do this that you will have a blissful marriage with an ecstatic sex life – at least this is what kids who grow… Read more »