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Do You Make Love Every Day?

I recently received an email from a colleague that encouraged my little soul – and had me thinking again about how we limit sex and lovemaking by reducing it to a set of behaviors instead of focusing on intimacy and pleasure.  When “sex” – especially in the long-term relationship – is allowed to be multiple… Read more »

The Whisper of Life’s Sacredness …

When is life sacred to you?  When do you sense a divine physical intimacy with God? The other day, mid-way through a long bike ride, friends and I sat on a sun drenched grassy knoll. Shoes came off nearly as fast as food came out.  The sun was soft and enveloping, and my face turned toward… Read more »

The Next Couple’s Intimacy Retreat

October 18-21, 2012 at the Pan Pacific Hotel on South Lake Union, Seattle If life and demands have taken the spark out of your love life or if you want to keep the fire of desire burning, this 3 day couple’s intimacy retreat promises to ignite the flame. Like becoming a great musician, becoming a… Read more »

Marriage … and the Nature of a River

Today I was reading the book Take Back Your Marriage by friend and colleague Bill Doherty.  Bill uses the metaphor of a river trip to describe the journey of marriage.  Living in the northwest, I can relate to this idea. In the summer many people float and raft down the rivers around the Puget Sound…. Read more »

Some Call it Inspiration … Others Call it God

Many years ago when I was dating my beloved, one of my dearest friend’s asked, “Does he inspire you?” She knew I loved being inspired.  I love being so compelled by an idea that it makes me think in new ways.  I love seeing beauty that takes my breath away.  I love feeling my heart… Read more »

Some of my favorite things …

In honor of lent, my ‘she-clergy’ friend Carmen who is embarking on a new adventure in North Carolina and who reminded me of this beloved poem … and in honor of all things sensual, passionate and deeply right … Wild Geese by Mary Oliver You do not have to be good. You do not have… Read more »

You Drive Me Crazy!!! … Differences Between Men and Women

This morning I ran up and down the stairs in our house 5 times looking for something I had misplaced the day before.  I hate losing things! Life at that moment was a tad bit chaotic.  While trying to get out the door for an 8:30 appointment, I kept thinking of other places I might… Read more »

Rilke on Love and Sex

Last night a dear friend and chef came over and cooked the quintessential cold winter dinner. The kind that warms you from the inside out. After copious amounts of visual, olfactory, oral and auditory pleasure (great music as well!) our bellies were full and our cup ran over with delight. After the kitchen was cleaned… Read more »