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A Failure to Thrive … marriage in the 21st century

Waiting for my flight I check my email, “Tina, Duane and Ineed to come in to see you ASAP.  I foundout he has been communicating with another woman and has had drinks with her acouple of times.  I suspect more …” This was the second identical story in one week.  Same profile – wonderful professionalmiddle-class… Read more »

Tools for a Deeply Connected Relationship

When two people commit to each other they do so believing their love is strong and want it to grow even stronger over time.  My dad used to call marriage a “Mutual Admiration Society” and had the letters MAS on the wall in the family room – front and center.  For many as they make… Read more »

Walking the Talk …

As I prepare for our next Couple’s Sacred Intimacy Retreat as well as a couple of upcoming talks, I find myself thinking about the eight couple’s that bravely ventured into the vulnerable world of intimacy at our last retreat in March. When I prepare, I immerse myself in reading, thinking and writing. But woven into… Read more »

Need more joy? Take 5

Failure to take pleasure in the good things in life dishonors the gifts or accomplishments that deserve appreciation. It also dishonors your desire to know joy. Recently I spent a week out on an island camping with family and friends. I was far away from so many of the distractions that too often receive all… Read more »

We don’t have much time … we better go slow!

Except for paying attention, what else is continual prayer? Poet Samuel Green How often do you let the sense of being rushed prevent you from enjoying the moments you have … with your friends, with your children, with your beloved? In today’s fast-paced culture, the belief that there is not enough time is a habitual… Read more »

Longing for the Silly and Holy

What I Know by Lee Robinson What I know for sure is less and less: that a hot bath won’t cure loneliness. That bacon is the best bad thing to chew and what you love may kill you. The odd connection between perfection and foolishness, like the pelican diving for his fish. How silly sex… Read more »

Living In … and Safeguarding Abundance

A community economy is not an economy in which well-placed persons can make a ‘killing’. It is an economy whose aim is generosity and a well-distributed and safeguarded abundance. – Wendell Berry I have come that they might have life and have life abundantly. – Jesus Having just come off our annual camping trip on… Read more »

90,000 mile tune-up … aka TURNING 50!

 image via Turning 50 is an odd thing. The number doesn’t fit. If I don’t look in the mirror – I feel about as rambunctious as I did at 21. I now get 8 hours of sleep – no waking babies and no partying teenagers. I have delicious lingering time to enjoy the love… Read more »