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Women, Mom’s and Oxygen Masks

Sitting on the plane waiting to push off for a 9 hour flight, I watch the automated “safety instructions” on the video screen. Today the language is German and the figure demonstrating what to do is a handsome avatar. As the oxygen mask drops from the ceiling I watch the avatar put the masks securely… Read more »

What Children Have to Teach Us about Pure Sensual Joy

  There is something so refreshing and soul nourishing in the innocent observations of children. Before they are infected by societal messages of what or who is appropriate and inappropriate, valued and unvalued and all the judgments regarding what they ‘should’ think and feel. Before all this, they respond in the truth … their truth… Read more »

Three Blind Mice … and Sex?

Question from a reader: “I often see groups in the media proposing the idea that sex addiction is rampant, that pregnancy rates are rising, and that generally speaking people are having sex at increasingly young ages, but are these facts? One such group to recently promote this fear based perspective was the Family Research Council… Read more »

The Fire Hose Life …

Here was a question sent to me: As someone who is interested in looking at sexuality from a sex-positive point of view, and marrying that component with the idea of personal responsibility, how can we as a society navigate sexuality without it trampling on the rights of others? This is a great question and one… Read more »