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The ‘Christian’ Purity Movement: The messages you DIDN’T get …

I recently released 8 short videos from a conversation with a young Christian woman a couple months before her marriage.  She had grown up in a family that was unable to discuss sexuality, sexual development, sexual desire, the spirituality of sexuality, or how to cultivate sexual health.   Like many conservative Christian families there were two… Read more »

Sexual Ethics … or How to Raise Sexually Healthy Kids

I do a lot of clinical work with folks whose sexual understanding, sexual expression and sense of self as a sexual person has been marred by culture, religion, others and often even by themselves.  They speak of feeling isolated and long to be deeply touched and known.  Desire for intimacy and pleasure is as core… Read more »

Basic Christianity … NOT Christian Extremists

  Few things printed in the public press inspire me … and how I love to be inspired! But today a colleague passed along this op-ed on the Rev John Stott who died recently. I remember being a 22 year old bright eyed brand new high school teacher at a Christian high school in Southern… Read more »

Living In … and Safeguarding Abundance

A community economy is not an economy in which well-placed persons can make a ‘killing’. It is an economy whose aim is generosity and a well-distributed and safeguarded abundance. – Wendell Berry I have come that they might have life and have life abundantly. – Jesus Having just come off our annual camping trip on… Read more »

America’s Sexual Ethic

Silence … just because it cannot be heard, does it have no effect? And ignorance … no responsibility? What is the guiding sexual ethic in our country? Do we have one? If we don’t, does that mean there is not one? Or does that mean that our silence and avoidance is teaching its own kind… Read more »

Ruah … is now

  I was reading the book Holy Eros by Whitehead and Whitehead the other day and came across the line: “Scholars today – social scientists as well as theologians – suggest that our hunger for contact with the foundational source of significance is part of what it means to be human.” Our hunger for meaning,… Read more »

It’s Your Call

  Have you ever had one of those experiences when you are standing in the presence of someone (or a group of some one’s) who believe that they know what YOU should think, believe, care about? Or who think that what you think or believe is less than, wrong, or worse, evil? These experiences can… Read more »

Taken Hostage … musings by Parker Palmer

    A week or so ago I basked on my favorite spot on Orcas Island … a spot I have visited most years since I was 4. It was over 90 degrees (it is never that hot!) and I was sitting on the edge of Cascade Lake listening to the sound of life’s laughter… Read more »