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The 3 Ways Removing Sexuality from Spirituality has Made us Bad Lovers

  The other day I was being interviewed for an upcoming podcast and was asked the number one issue I see in my practice.  I said it was couples complaining of having bad sex – not enough … quantity, pleasure, variety, intimacy … you name it. I made the point that our culture raises heterosexuals… Read more »

The DNA of a Couple vs the DNA of a Couple’s Therapist

When couples think of the skills needed to keep their love vibrant, they often think of having good communication, high emotional, social and sexual intelligence, good conflict resolution and negotiation skills, and a strong alignment of values and interests.  If we did not grow up in a family emulating these qualities for us, we often have… Read more »

Why Go To An Intimacy Retreat? A Man’s Perspective

A man’s viewpoint on deep and abiding love can be a rare find … and I believe, when found … a valuable opinion.  It is not rare, because it is an uncommon occurrence, but rather men’s words are not patiently sought. We so often in culture describe men as only wanting sex and women as only wanting love… Read more »

The Power of Love and the Silent Assault in the Christian Church

“There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you.” Maya Angelou I just came off of 5 days of pure bliss with our four kids – all in their 20’s – all with their Sweetheart’s and our grand-puppies … all up at a mountain cabin in the snow. Here is a list of some… Read more »

America’s Sexual Ethic

Silence … just because it cannot be heard, does it have no effect? And ignorance … no responsibility? What is the guiding sexual ethic in our country? Do we have one? If we don’t, does that mean there is not one? Or does that mean that our silence and avoidance is teaching its own kind… Read more »

It’s Your Call

  Have you ever had one of those experiences when you are standing in the presence of someone (or a group of some one’s) who believe that they know what YOU should think, believe, care about? Or who think that what you think or believe is less than, wrong, or worse, evil? These experiences can… Read more »

In Its Time…

A while back while re-reading Gayle Brandeis’ book “Fruitflesh” I was reminded again of the luscious sensual wisdom of our bodies. She remarks that the symbol for truth and sincerity in old Europe was a peach with one leaf attached. Apparently the peach, with its juicy succulent flesh represented the heart and the attached leaf… Read more »