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5 Ways You May be Slowly Destroying Your Husband and Your Marriage

These days, while I still have a clinical practice, I do even more clinical supervision (helping other clinicians to be better couples, sex and spiritual intimacy therapists).  The other day I was staffing a case with one of my supervisees that was all too familiar.  It was of a couple married 23 years with two… Read more »

A Letter to my Son on the Eve of His Wedding

Ever wonder what a marriage, family, sex and intimacy therapist might say to one of her children as they were about to get married? Let me give you just a little peek …   I recently had an extraordinary experience … a profound rush of feeling I could not explain.  I was in the foreign… Read more »

Why Go To An Intimacy Retreat? A Man’s Perspective

A man’s viewpoint on deep and abiding love can be a rare find … and I believe, when found … a valuable opinion.  It is not rare, because it is an uncommon occurrence, but rather men’s words are not patiently sought. We so often in culture describe men as only wanting sex and women as only wanting love… Read more »

The Power of Love and the Silent Assault in the Christian Church

“There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you.” Maya Angelou I just came off of 5 days of pure bliss with our four kids – all in their 20’s – all with their Sweetheart’s and our grand-puppies … all up at a mountain cabin in the snow. Here is a list of some… Read more »

Birthdays, Best Friends … and death that comes too soon

One of the greatest gifts of my life has been and will always be, meeting my best friend at college and being given her, as my kindred sister.  If you’ve ever read the lighthearted satir Lamb by Christopher Moore – you know it is the story of Jesus’ life as told by his best friend Biff showcasing their adolescent… Read more »

Why Snuggling Is Good Breakfast Food When You Don’t Want to Go to Work

So many of the couples I sit with in my clinical practice are trying to do this contemporary urban dance we call ‘normal life’.  Two adults working, kids doing school, sports, music, community service.  Then there is the new, rambling, demanding, and overwhelming influx of choices cascading on us through social media, TV, phones, email, radio …… Read more »

Three Differences Between Men and Women You Need to Know!!

I recently discovered the work on Alison Armstrong – who for 15 years has been honing her message on the important differences in men and women that manifest in the heterosexual marriage in typical and often frustrating ways.  Her wisdom is found in the freedom that comes when we understand each other instead of blame… Read more »