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The 3 Ways Removing Sexuality from Spirituality has Made us Bad Lovers

  The other day I was being interviewed for an upcoming podcast and was asked the number one issue I see in my practice.  I said it was couples complaining of having bad sex – not enough … quantity, pleasure, variety, intimacy … you name it. I made the point that our culture raises heterosexuals… Read more »

How Sleeping Naked Can Save Your Marriage … And Why Talking Comes Last

  A while ago the beloved and I got in a doozy of an argument.  Now, our arguments are not like four-alarm fires that cause everyone to run for the hills.  That type belonged in my childhood and first marriage.  Our conflicts are a bit more like an oceanic earthquake whose eruption is tempered by… Read more »

Why Go To An Intimacy Retreat? A Man’s Perspective

A man’s viewpoint on deep and abiding love can be a rare find … and I believe, when found … a valuable opinion.  It is not rare, because it is an uncommon occurrence, but rather men’s words are not patiently sought. We so often in culture describe men as only wanting sex and women as only wanting love… Read more »

Going LIVE (not livid) on Sex, Gender and Christianity …

Have you ever found yourself absolutely confused or angry about the messages sent to women about their bodies, sexuality, their value?  Even the messages we send to men seem confusing, limiting and degrading. Life lately has invited me again into these conversations of confusion and frustration. A few months back I received an email from… Read more »

How Marriage and Glassblowing are Both Hot

I remember one night a few years ago my beloved and a couple of our kids were walking downtown one summer’s night during a “First Thursday Art Walk”.  We were drawn into a glass shop with a working studio in the back.  For over an hour we all stood mesmerized as we watched the glassblowing team create… Read more »

Some Call it Inspiration … Others Call it God

Many years ago when I was dating my beloved, one of my dearest friend’s asked, “Does he inspire you?” She knew I loved being inspired.  I love being so compelled by an idea that it makes me think in new ways.  I love seeing beauty that takes my breath away.  I love feeling my heart… Read more »

Tools for a Deeply Connected Relationship

When two people commit to each other they do so believing their love is strong and want it to grow even stronger over time.  My dad used to call marriage a “Mutual Admiration Society” and had the letters MAS on the wall in the family room – front and center.  For many as they make… Read more »

The Holy Erotic

  I am sitting on the deck at my temporary Santa Barbara writer’s retreat. The sun dances on my eyelids and fills my soul with warm light. I wish I could magically beam all my moss encrusted northwest friends to be in this moment. There is something delicious, luscious even, in warmth on bare skin… Read more »