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Best Friends and Death that Comes Too Soon – Part Three

One of the greatest gifts of my life has been and will always be, meeting my best friend at college and being given her as my kindred sister.  Five years ago today her beautiful body left this planet and I have missed talking every day since. Those who know me, know I am not a phone… Read more »

Are Women Called to Heal the World?

    “They will beat their swords into plowshares…” -Isaiah 2:4 NIV     There is in woman the potential for the preservation of the globe, the health of society and the community of life of the human race. – Joan Chittister, Womanstrength   Traditional societies have honored the woman’s spiritual power. She has been a… Read more »

Large Scale Spiritual Abuse Caused by Evangelical Leaders Under Trump

Spiritual Abuse is Devastating   Emma Green, staff writer for the Atlantic, wrote a lovely piece on Feb 11th about how Shannon Dingle, mother of six children, had just been forced to resign from a conservative Christian organization because she had expressed opposing views about Donald Trump. In the article, story after story illustrated how… Read more »

How will you live into your GENIUS in 2016?

GENIUS is something we all have.  What is yours?  How do you live into it? My dearest friend had this remarkable gift of inspiring people to see their genius and then somehow igniting in them the passion to live fully and completely into it. I have met countless people who have told me stories of how… Read more »

How We Feel Doesn’t Matter

I was reading a piece by Shauna Nyquist this morning titled “How we feel about our friends doesn’t matter” … if we don’t do anything to let them know. She makes the point that what makes a good partner or good friend is the one who routinely demonstrates their care and appreciation in word and… Read more »

Work Life Balance is a Myth!

One recent morning I sat at my desk. It was barely nine o’clock and I was already exhausted. The morning light was streaming in from my office window – it was that low warm almost winter light.  I closed my eyes.  “I will read”, I thought – “Not email – but something to settle me,… Read more »