3 Secrets to a Thriving Therapy Practice in an Urban Area

I’ve been training therapists for almost 30 years and each year graduating students want to know how to grow a thriving practice. It can be tough when you live in an area like Seattle that has several counseling programs, each graduating 30 plus students a year, many of which head out to hang their shingle… Read more »

The 3 Ways Removing Sexuality from Spirituality has Made us Bad Lovers

  The other day I was being interviewed for an upcoming podcast and was asked the number one issue I see in my practice.  I said it was couples complaining of having bad sex – not enough … quantity, pleasure, variety, intimacy … you name it. I made the point that our culture raises heterosexuals… Read more »

The DNA of a Couple vs the DNA of a Couple’s Therapist

When couples think of the skills needed to keep their love vibrant, they often think of having good communication, high emotional, social and sexual intelligence, good conflict resolution and negotiation skills, and a strong alignment of values and interests.  If we did not grow up in a family emulating these qualities for us, we often have… Read more »

Getting it On vs. Getting it Over With. Does It Matter Why You Do It?

Shari sits in my office and tells me a story I have heard countless times.  She and David have two small children, five and three. Shari is what we call “the low desire partner” in their marriage.  Although, I am not sure that is a fair or accurate label.  Both sit on the couch stiff… Read more »

Do You Still Kiss Each Other? Does it Matter?

  The Hebrew people believe a kiss is two people sharing the breath of God. As many know the beloved and I run couples intimacy retreats and thus are constantly asking questions about what differentiates happy couples from unhappy ones.  Lately we have been reading the results of a large international study analyzing the surprising… Read more »

How will you live into your GENIUS in 2016?

GENIUS is something we all have.  What is yours?  How do you live into it? My dearest friend had this remarkable gift of inspiring people to see their genius and then somehow igniting in them the passion to live fully and completely into it. I have met countless people who have told me stories of how… Read more »