What Children Have to Teach Us about Pure Sensual Joy

  There is something so refreshing and soul nourishing in the innocent observations of children. Before they are infected by societal messages of what or who is appropriate and inappropriate, valued and unvalued and all the judgments regarding what they ‘should’ think and feel. Before all this, they respond in the truth … their truth… Read more »

Creativity, Sexuality & Mystery

This mystic Jewish tale takes place in Jerusalem in roughly 500 BC – almost 200 years before Plato and Aristotle The masters of the day were distressed. Adultery was spreading rampant as plague among the people. The authorities were at a loss as to how to curb this powerful drive. Finally, driven to desperation, they… Read more »

Three Blind Mice … and Sex?

Question from a reader: “I often see groups in the media proposing the idea that sex addiction is rampant, that pregnancy rates are rising, and that generally speaking people are having sex at increasingly young ages, but are these facts? One such group to recently promote this fear based perspective was the Family Research Council… Read more »

The Stretching Pain … aka: launching children

Love, joy, excitement … pain, worry, fear … desire, longing, wishing … missing Two weeks ago today the umbilical cord from my mother heart ached, pulled, stretched and stretched … beyond cell phone range, beyond email, beyond the latest story, beyond the spontaneous phone call …. It stretched and ached all the way to South… Read more »

The Fire Hose Life …

Here was a question sent to me: As someone who is interested in looking at sexuality from a sex-positive point of view, and marrying that component with the idea of personal responsibility, how can we as a society navigate sexuality without it trampling on the rights of others? This is a great question and one… Read more »

A Failure of Imagination …

In the documentary/movie “What the Bleep” an Amazon mythic tale is told of how the people could not see the a ship in their harbor because never in their collective experience had they ever seen anything like a ship. Their minds were unable to take in the data their eyes were seeing in any discernible… Read more »

Surprised by Joy …

What is joy to you and when do you experience it? Today was a day when joy spent the day bombarding my senses. Like a relentless mosquito and much more enjoyable, joy kept finding me. I spent no time opening myself up to find her and no moment of effort opening intention to notice her…. Read more »

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