Relative Gratefulness

It’s Spring Break and for the university academic that means time to catch your breath, finally get something done or both. This spring break for me, it is both. The longing I feel for time to work on my books is not only a constant companion but a constant thorn in my flesh. Writing in… Read more »

Delight and Attention … Communion and Prayer

“Except for paying attention, what else is continual prayer?” This is the last line of a poem by Samuel Green that speaks of the acuity of our attention in times of mourning. When we have lost or are about to lose something or someone we desperately love – all of a sudden we can remember… Read more »

Your Time To Live …

Today as I walked around the lake near my home the chill in the air was softened by the sun’s rays reminding me that winter will in the end relent and spring will come. The last few weeks have been a stretching kind of busy … it is as if the underground winter expansion the… Read more »

The Body Is the Spirit Thickened

  It was a cloudy day and I was riding on a ferry reading Letters to a Young Doctor by Richard Selzer. This is a book written by a surgeon who shares his surprise at how often sacred encounters emerged in his career as a physician. “The body is the spirit thickened.” As I read… Read more »

Children learn what they LIVE

When I was a little girl we had a cloth wall hanging in our family room that I remember noticing every day. As I got older and could read, I would read it. Then as I grew to understand more, I would read it and think about what it meant and how it related to… Read more »

Women, Mom’s and Oxygen Masks

Sitting on the plane waiting to push off for a 9 hour flight, I watch the automated “safety instructions” on the video screen. Today the language is German and the figure demonstrating what to do is a handsome avatar. As the oxygen mask drops from the ceiling I watch the avatar put the masks securely… Read more »

What Children Have to Teach Us about Pure Sensual Joy

  There is something so refreshing and soul nourishing in the innocent observations of children. Before they are infected by societal messages of what or who is appropriate and inappropriate, valued and unvalued and all the judgments regarding what they ‘should’ think and feel. Before all this, they respond in the truth … their truth… Read more »

Creativity, Sexuality & Mystery

This mystic Jewish tale takes place in Jerusalem in roughly 500 BC – almost 200 years before Plato and Aristotle The masters of the day were distressed. Adultery was spreading rampant as plague among the people. The authorities were at a loss as to how to curb this powerful drive. Finally, driven to desperation, they… Read more »