It’s Your Call

  Have you ever had one of those experiences when you are standing in the presence of someone (or a group of some one’s) who believe that they know what YOU should think, believe, care about? Or who think that what you think or believe is less than, wrong, or worse, evil? These experiences can… Read more »

I hope you dance …

I stood holding my daugther’s hand tears streaming down my face and hers. Today we attended a funeral of my beloved’s aunt – a woman whose legacy of love, generosity and grace had danced through the lives of hundreds of friends and loved ones. Life in all her colors and textures was seen as a… Read more »

What is the story … of your life … of you?

A day bits and pieces – parts of a story … Dishes in the sink, get fruit at the grocery store, scrambling at work, running late, daughter holds my hand, out of cat food, need to exercise more, giggling at son’s story, the air is silky warm, put paint cans in trash, must weed soon,… Read more »

Taken Hostage … musings by Parker Palmer

    A week or so ago I basked on my favorite spot on Orcas Island … a spot I have visited most years since I was 4. It was over 90 degrees (it is never that hot!) and I was sitting on the edge of Cascade Lake listening to the sound of life’s laughter… Read more »


Its evening … the light is fading … I feel tired, slow, reflective. I spent the last 24 hours with graduate students and colleagues sharing stories of the human sort and was reminded of a word that has found its resonance in the cords of life over the last year. Saudade. Again today, I thought… Read more »

In Its Time…

A while back while re-reading Gayle Brandeis’ book “Fruitflesh” I was reminded again of the luscious sensual wisdom of our bodies. She remarks that the symbol for truth and sincerity in old Europe was a peach with one leaf attached. Apparently the peach, with its juicy succulent flesh represented the heart and the attached leaf… Read more »

Leash Life … A Parenting Paradox

After a series of events I find myself on a ferry, hopping between island life and the mainland reflecting on parenting teenagers. My web designer says … get a Facebook page My 17 year old says, “Don’t worry, I’ll set it up for you, Mom.” and then sends me a message to “Make me her… Read more »

The Soul Through Desire Seeks Love

  The soul through desire seeks love, joy and pleasure. Beyond our survival needs, love is our core desire. As children there is a sync between this core desire and what we pursue. We love to love and we love to receive love. We gravitate toward those who love and we seek their smiles, their… Read more »