“I know of no one else who can talk about sexuality and spirituality in the same speech and leave you feeling nourished from head to toe!”
– Conference Attendee

“I always leave impressed and inspired!”
– Workshop Attendee

“By far your plenary’s are always one of the strongest we’ve seen. You nail it!”
– Conference Chair

“If you get the chance to hear Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers speak, DO IT! Tina is always engaging, you will leave wiser, and it will enrich your soul. She is uniquely gifted at taking difficult subjects and making them feel safe. Her ability to take the dark hidden shames of one’s past from religion, sexual experiences and relationships, and create a healing environment, is incredible. And Tina wraps it all in fascinating content and a breadth of wisdom from the biological and medical fields, to relational, social and spiritual research. There are few speakers who I would universally recommend someone learn from. Tina is one.”
– Dr. Kathrine Lacy – Owner, Mind to Win United Kingdom

Tina is a sought-after speaker who addresses groups all over the world. Her reputation is built on her ability to explore often avoided topics with both grace and candor in a way that inspires her listeners and sets them at ease. Tina has an uncanny way of shedding light on topics confounding our most important human relationships, and with humor helps her audience find their own path toward hope and change.

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Example of Keynote & Workshop Topics

The Naked Truth about Loving Relationships and Great Sex

This talk is a lighthearted talk which compares and contrasts the myths and messages we get from media against what it really takes to nourish erotic intimacy over the course of a deeply connected relationship over time. Here we expose through video and media ideas that have affected all of us and invite ourselves into our deeper wisdom. We identify the three key skills and tools of emotional and sexual intelligence and the ways we can cultivate those when we are single and when we are partnered. You will feel like the veil was finally lifted after this talk!

Raising Sexually, Spiritually and Relationally Healthy Kids

95% of parents say that they grew up in a mostly silent home around sexuality, while also saying they want to be much more open with their own children. The problem … they have no idea how! This talk lays out the do’s and don’ts in an easy and understandable way. Tina walks through each stage and review age appropriate tasks and curiosities as it relates to sexual development and gives you clear direction on how to engage your child at each stage. You will walk away with all the tricks of the trade!

Keeping Passion Alive in the Tech Age (How to be a High Touch Couple in a High Tech World)

One of the profound paradoxes of life is that children are horrible for marital intimacy! Today’s tech culture is even worse than times gone by. We are currently living in a career and child focused society and absolutely nothing in culture is refocusing a couple on the health and strength of their intimacy. People describe feeling oddly affirmed for exhausting themselves and ignoring their marriages just to advance their careers. Dr. Sellers will give you the 3 must do’s to keep marriage, fun and intimacy in focus. She will share her secret of the future retrospective to help you tailor the priorities to create the marriage, and ultimately, the life, and spice, you desire.

Inviting Sex to Church and God into the Bedroom

Where are the positive messages about sexuality and spirituality in American culture? Where do we go to learn about the beauty, sacredness, power, intensity, desire, creativity, and pleasure in sexuality? Where do we help parents find information about how to guide their kids as they grow? Or how to grow their own erotic relationship? American culture has marinated in a long history of sex-negativity that has resulted in an economy driven by selling bodies and people, no real sex education for children and families, shame and fear from conservative churches, families with long histories of sexual silence and shame, and most people receiving their sex education from friends, media and pornography. In this talk, Dr Sellers explores the ancient Judeo/Christian sex positive sacred story of sexuality that was not told and invites her audience into a fun radical notion that our sexuality was created by a loving God on purpose, to heal us, bond us, for us to enjoy and to know how beloved we really are.