Made in the Image of God … sexually???

Alt saxophone on grand piano

Alt saxophone on grand piano




What does it mean to be made in the image of God when we think about our sexuality? It seems in order to answer this, I have to wonder again what sexuality is. Or what it is as it relates to the image of God. Sexuality is not something I have, it is something I am. Just as gender isn’t something I have, it is something I am. So what reflection of God is reveled in my sexuality?

Sexuality is not something I have, it is something I am.

My students have heard me say many times that God gave us our sexual desires on purpose, they are a gift, just as our bodies, minds, hearts and relationships are gifts – to learn with and from … and to enjoy and honor. In case you have a sliver of doubt, ask yourself why God gave women a clitoris. It is the only aspect of the human body whose one and only purpose is sexual pleasure. God answers any doubt with this lovely gift to women. But what does it mean to share an image of God’s sexuality?

When sexual lovemaking is the most erotic, dynamic and satisfying, it is also an act of creation, an act of unity and an act of absolute love.

When devoted partners comes to each other for the purpose of lovemaking, loving God and being a conduit of the magnification of this love through the embodied spirit of the sensual body … it is an act of creation, unity and love each and every time. Lovemaking isn’t about certain sexual behaviors (like intercourse), orgasms, genitals, or any particulars … though all of this and more may be involved. Just as a mind blowing jazz number might involve piano, sax, bass, drums and vocalists … it is the act of creation that happens before your eyes when with intimate familiarity to each other and to their art, the group creates an original piece right before your eyes. Erotic sacred lovemaking … in the image of God … joins with God in the dance of unity and love, and gives birth to another perfect creation.

You become the music – your lovemaking the creation.

The jazz greats of our time became great through many years of intense study, practice, intention and attention to every nuance of the art … as goes the great lover … who seeks to love their beloved into the fullness of the image of God.

What a lovely art to be devoted to!

This is what the study Tantra and Hebrew Mystic Tantra is all about …



Sex, God & the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy

Synopsis: This book is the first of its kind written to help people of faith who have experienced religious sexual shame. This shame and trauma comes as an inadvertent byproduct of the sex-negative sexual ethic of conservative religion.  Based on ten years of research, it explains what happened in the formation of the Christian church and how American culture can compound the problem. It goes on to reveal a sex-positive ancient Hebrew story that was buried in Christian history and the sex-positive gospel ethic that was never developed. Finally it offers a four step model for healing religious sexual shame, and actual touch and non-touch exercises to bring healing and intimacy into a person’s life.  The book is appropriate for clients, patients, therapists, clergy, physicians, and those who train sociology students, therapists, sex therapists, clergy or primary care physicians.  It also is a text that would function well in a book group or study group and for those who want to explore the impact of religious sexual shame and those who want to heal or help someone else to heal.  It is sensitive to those who grew up in conservative church environments, while simultaneously providing adequate information for the provider that may not be familiar with that culture.


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